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Rose Water

March 14, 2016

Rose water is the best skin allergy cure

Rose water (also spelled Rosewater) can be used in cooking as well as a rich beauty aid.

With the name of rose water, we start thinking about the aesthetic aspects of it. For beautification and cosmetic purpose, rose water is widely used. The rose water we buy from the superstores, are not usually pure. The one we buy are generally synthetic rose oil, mixed with water and preservatives.

However, you should be careful enough and buy the pure rose water. Pure rose water is the distilled water of roses.

Rose Water Body & Perfume Splash.

A Freshener for the Body with Natural Fragrance of Rose. A delicate freshener that imparts the natural fragrance of rose. Complete your body complexion program with a pure, clean rose Water .

Pore cleanser

Dip 4 almonds in milk for night. Mash it in morning. Mix 2 spoon clotted cream & rose water. Apply it on body before bathing. It will open the pores of skin.

Homemade face mask

Mix yellow ochre, sandal powder, rose water & turmeric. Make its paste. Keep it in fridge. Apply it on face daily.

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